Puppy Linux – a superfast Operating System

Akash Tiwary

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  • Yogi

    Ubuntu is better than puppyLinux. It has a bigger support network. BTW, Redhat Linux , which started as an open source software, will be the first Billion Dollar opensource developer.

    • http://akashtiwary.com/ Akash

      Yes, Ubuntu is a wonderful OS and in terms of functionality is perhaps better. I also agree with you on that it has a better support network. But, Puppy Linux is very small and convenient to use for the general users. It can be downloaded within a few minutes. Downloading Ubuntu will take some time. Thanks a lot for your comments and visit!

      • http://www.lifeinslums.info/ Mohammed Nafees

        Ubuntu is backed by a large company that seeks to provide compatibility with a wide variety of computer software and hardware. Puppy Linux is a much smaller effort based on the work of an online community. And therefore, it needs a large space.

        • http://akashtiwary.com/ Akash

          Thanks for your comments and visit. I accept your comments and observation. I also visited your website. You have designed a wonderful website. Wish you and your team all the best!

  • leftist

    Puppy LInux is really really fast no doubt. However as they clog it down with more and more functionality and bloatware, it will become as sluggish as a slug. Everything after 2 is bloated in my opinion. But it still is a really nice experience!!

  • san

    Hello akash, I’m using Puppy linux on my system and its superfast. I’m 100% agree with your post.