How to write Hindi using Unicode font

Akash Tiwary

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  • Rnddabba

    for indesign cs6 is supporting indic languages; you can update this in your blog; but as for as quark is concerned No free plugin is available for this;

  • manish

    i want to add text box like bhaskar news comment section ,
    in that case select the language from drop down and keyboard works according to the selective language . how its works . can u help me about this matter.
    send me feedback on this ya on my mail..-

  • paras

    adob PM5 me kurti dev saport nahi kar raha hai

    • Rajesh

      Kruti Dev is a true type font. So, it should work in Adobe Pagemaker. Please check whether Kruti Dev is installed in your system or not and whether it displays in the font drop down menu or not.

  • Kishore

    Hello, I’m working in CorelDraw with few Hindi pages. Fonts like Mangal, Kruti give a problem of displaying boxes as soon as I click outside text box. While font like Yogesh doesn’t display “sh” of lakshay, instead converts into two letters “k” and “sh” as well fails to display half letters of Hindi. Any solution sir.

    • Sally

      Hi, Kishore! Kruti Dev font should work fine in CorelDraw. Since Coreldraw does not support Unicode, you cannot use Mangal font in it. But, Kruti will work fine. Just ensure that Kruti is installed in your system.

  • Rajesh

    Dear Akash,
    Thanks for useful info…
    one question how did you converted your mangal files into krutidev.?can we also convert krutidev to mangal.?ThanksRajesh

  • Kalaiyappan

    very useful information,i am trying to copy and paste in tamil,i am unable to copy and paste in notepad,kindly help

  • Kalaiyappan

    I am trying to do this in windows 7,do i have to change any settings,please help,after following this blog i am able to type in tamil,but copy paste is not working what to do for that?

    • Akash

      Open a notepad file. Click on ‘Save as’. Before saving with some file name change the encoding to Unicode on the lower right side. Save it and close. Then open the same file and paste Tamil text easily.

  • avanish

    how to type in hindi in adobe pagemaker.
    pease answer me.

    • Sally

      Download Kruti dev font from an internet source. Install it in your system. Now you can write in Hindi in Adobe Pagemaker by selecting Kruti Dev font. It is so easy. Or do you want to use a Unicode font? For that you need to use Adobe Pagemaker’s latest version or some other solution. Hope this helps you.

  • PrincePratik …

    very useful for me …

  • Rohan

    Helped me too!

  • राजेश

    मुझे मदद मिली है, धन्यवाद.

  • Akash

    You are unable to paste in notepad, because you have not changed the encoding to unicode. Follow these steps:
    1. open a notepad file.
    2. Save as –
    3. On the right bottom side, see encoding. Change it to Unicode.
    4 Save the file giving it some name.
    5. Now open again and then paste Tamil text.

    It should work now.
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