How to enable Hindi and regional Indic languages in Ubuntu

Enabling and learning how to enable Hindi and regional Indic languages in Ubuntu is quite easy. The ease and the experience of Ubuntu would leave you impressed.

Ubuntu is a wonderful alternative to Windows 7 or Windows XP. It is not only very easy and convenient to use, but can also do for you what any other operating system can do. It is also quite fast and efficient.

I recently tried my hands at Ubuntu 12.04 and was pleasantly surprised to see that establishing a network connection on Ubuntu was a breeze. Whether you have a wired broadband or a mobile broadband connection, setting up a network connection takes only a few clicks.

Ubuntu screenshot

Ubuntu screenshot

The entire process is almost automatic and needs no brain.

I was happy to find that the latest version of Ubuntu has inbuilt settings for almost all mobile broadband operators, starting from Aircel to Reliance.

Ubuntu not only correctly identifies your network but also fills in the required settings.

You can set up a network connection within a minute.

But, for me, the most important discovery was the ease with which a language, say Hindi or any other regional Indic language, can be enabled in Ubuntu. Enabling Ubuntu for writing Hindi proved a very easy task.

Enabling Indic languages in Ubuntu is quite easy. Anyone who wants to check how easy the process of setting up Hindi writing on Ubuntu can be should follow these simple steps.

1. Enable Ibus input method in language support
2. Click on the System Settings after clicking the system settings icon. Choose Language Support. Choose ibus in Keyboard Input Method system.
3. Install ibus-m17n Input method package
4. Now click on Dash Home on the Desktop Menu. Type terminal and click on terminal.
5. Then type the following command:

sudo apt-get install ibus-m17n

6. Now press Enter

Wait for some time, as ibus-m17n package gets installed.

Now your computer is ready for Hindi writing.

Close Dash Home. Restart Dash Home. Type ibus. You should see two icons – Ibus and Keyboard Inpute Methods. Click on both. A pop up prompting you to set the input preferences would open up. Select Input Method.

Select your desired input method i.e. Hindi in our case. Select the preferred Hindi input method from Inscript, Itrans, Typewriter, Remington and Vedmata. Inscript would be the best option as it would work in all programs, even Java based programs very well.

Click on Add on the right side. The method should now be added. Close preferences pop up.

Now you can write in Hindi and enjoy!

Open Libreoffice Writer or any other program where you want to write Hindi. Press Ctrl+Space Bar to change the input method to your preferred Hindi input method.

Start typing in Hindi. When you want to revert back to English input method, just press Ctrl+Space Bar. Now the text would be typed in English.

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