Another handy online Kruti Dev to Unicode font converter, completely free!

These days a number of online Kruti Dev to Unicode and Unicode to Kruti Dev font converters are available online. And this has made Hindi users’ life much easier.

Online Kruti Dev Hindi to Unicode Hindi Converter

Online Kruti Dev Hindi to Unicode Hindi Converter

Infowebservices’ online Hindi font converterĀ is, perhaps, one of the best Hindi Kruti to Unicode font converter tools available in the market. And it is completely free to use too.

A lot of progress has been made during the last decade as far as Hindi computing is concerned.

With the arrival of Unicode technology it is now much easier to type Hindi on computer and use Hindi text online.

Although Unicode font technology is not very old, a large number of Hindi users have adapted to its use.

There is hardly a new website in Hindi that does not use unicode fonts.

However, there are still some users who use Kruti Dev font for Hindi computing. For them, there is a real need of some good unicode to Kruti Dev font converters.

While there are a number of offline Kruti to Unicode and Unicode to Kruti converters, not too many online versions of such converters are available yet.

Online Kruti to unicode converters are pretty handy if you don’t want to install any software on your PC and still be able to write a small chunk of Hindi text using online tools and then use it in emails or a document.

I came across such a nifty online Kruti to Unicode and Unicode to Kruti converter and was impressed with the speed and accuracy with which it does its task.

It has a number of useful features. It has a number of tabs using which you can input your text either in Unicode or Kruti font or write Hindi text even in English. And it converts the text pretty smartly.

You can also upload a document and get the conversion done pretty fast before downloading the same.

Use it! You would certainly be impressed with it.

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