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The popularity of Hindi unicode fonts is increasing with time. A large number of Hindi users have already adapted to Unicode fonts and are able to write in unicode fonts, thanks to new tools available freely now. But, due to widespread use of legacy Hindi fonts, Hindi users also need good Hindi font to unicode converters.

However, there are some users who still use legacy Hindi fonts, e.g. Chankya, Kruti Dev,  Yuvraj, Richa, Agra of DVB-Yogesh or DV-Alankar due to different reasons.

Availability of a wide number of legacy fonts and lack of inter-convertibility among them has been a big stumbling block for exchange of communication among Hindi users.

However, with time, thanks to the efforts of a few dedicated Hindi writers and technical experts,  font converters for most of these legacy Hindi fonts have become available now and you can convert Hindi text in these fonts to unicode fonts easily.

Krutidev to Unicode and Unicode to Krutidev converter free download

Hindi Krutidev font to Unicode font and Unicode to Krutidev converter free download

Earlier, a large number of useful font converter files were hosted by Google Technical Hindi Group.

This Group’s converters and other useful tools have been used widely by the Hindi users. But, recently Google has taken a decision to do away with file hosting  in Google Groups.

To ensure that these files remain available to the Hindi users , these files have now been made available through Google Sites and have been hosted on Google Docs.

These font converters have been made by Mr. Anunad and Mr. Narayan Prasad. These two and the members of Google Technical Hindi Group have done a yeoman’s service in helping Hindi users.

Apart from them, Mr. Ravi Shankar Srivastava and Mr. Ravi Ratlami too have been working relentlessly to help Hindi users and spread use of Hindi.

All these people have contributed a lot in advancement of Hindi language with their selfless endeavour to help Hindi users in different ways. Their technical expertise has helped the common Hindi users and readers immensely.

 Ravi Ratlami is also a very good writer. I have always been his fan. In order to help their endeavour to make these files available widely, the download links are being reproduced here.  All credit for these font converters goes to  their creators Mr. Anunad and Mr. Narayan Prasad.

All the original files can be viewed and downloaded from here.

Ravi Ratlami’s this post in Hindi inspired me to reproduce the download links.

Download links for converting some of the popular Legacy Hindi fonts to Unicode font and vice versa are also being reproduced here to increase their easy availability.

Krutidev 010 to Unicode converter

Krutidev 011 to Unicode converter

 4CGandhi to unicode to 4CGandhi font converter

Agra font to unicode converter

Amar or Kundali font to Unicode font converter

Chanakya to Unicode and Krutidev 010 converter

Devanagari to Braille Converter

HTChanakya to Unicode converter

Sahara to Unicode font converter

Shusha to unicode converter

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