The great disconnect with reality!

Life keeps springing new surprises on you. And in our country, you don’t know whether someone is joking, making a fool of you or just saying something seriously. I don’t know. I really don’t know what to make of Delhi CM Sheila Dixit’s statement that a family of five only needs Rs. 600 to buy food for the whole month. To me, and many others like me, it just sounded French.

Is it possible for someone living in India, leave alone being the CM of the capital state of the country, to have this disconnect with reality?

When I first read about her statement, I thought the reporter must have left out at least two zeroes. But, when I read about it on almost all news portals I had to believe the reports.

I have always thought of Sheila Dixit as an intelligent leader and a gracious woman.

Sheila Dixit - Delhi CM

Sheila Dixit – Delhi CM

One who has led Delhi well for so many years. But, this is what happens when you stop going out to buy your provisions for a long time.

You are just not aware about the impact the constant inflation has on the price line.

Going by her statement, it seems Sheila Dixit has not visited a shop to buy her provisions for the last 30 years. She still hangs on to to those times. And why blame her?

The great modern planner Montek Singh Ahluwalia too believes that anyone who earns Rs. 28 in a city or Rs. 24 in a village does not deserve to be called a poor man. Even he must not have visited the shops for the last 30-40 years.

You see, truth remains a truth. A few decades plus or a few decades minus don’t amount to much.

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