Puppy Linux – a superfast Operating System

I have been fascinated with the idea of Open Source Softwares. For most advocates of capitalism, it is difficult to believe how any service or code can be given away for free. Proving them wrong is an entire community of programmers who are developing softwares for the larger benefit of computer users. It is one of the most positive alternative development streams in our society.

Recently, I experienced the superfast performance of an amazing computer operating system – Puppy Linux. This is an extremely light-weight distribution of Linux, an open-source operating system being developed by a large number of programmers devoted to open-source philosophy.

Puppy Linux- a super-fast operating system

Puppy Linux is amazingly fast and boots up in seconds. It does almost everything that you need doing on your computer. Only it does them faster.

Most of us in India are so conditioned by widespread use of Windows operating system that we don’t even think that an alternative exists. So, working on Puppy Linux may seem slightly different. But, once you know the alleys, it works amazingly well.

The best thing about Puppy Linux is that it can boot from a CD and even a pen drive. And there can be nothing better than Puppy Linux if you want to run a very old computer. It works equally faster on even old computers.

Another advantage with Puppy Linux is that you just do not need any anti-virus programme because there are not too many viruses lurking in the Linux world. And you can carry your whole OS software on a CD/DVD or a USB flash drive.

The size of the OS is amazingly small – only 100 MB or so. And it runs from RAM, so it can be very fast.

I found that it can be very useful if you intend to surf the internet. It allows very fast surfing. When you shut it down, if you don’t save anything your operating system image remains as it was. So, no threat of any virus intruding your operating system or any adverse changes in the operating system being saved.

Puppy Linux was first released in June 2003 by Barry Kauler. There is an entire community engaged in developing it. And what they are doing is a wonderful work of providing us an alternative operating system. I am surprised that Puppy Linux is not popular in India. It is really easy to use. And it costs nothing. Try it! You will be happy after using it. You can download it here. I suggest that you download and read the tutorial before doing that. The tutorial is quite easy and will make everything lucid for you. There is nothing complicated in using Puppy Linux. You need to spare only a few minutes to get started on it.

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  • Yogi

    Ubuntu is better than puppyLinux. It has a bigger support network. BTW, Redhat Linux , which started as an open source software, will be the first Billion Dollar opensource developer.

    • http://akashtiwary.com/ Akash

      Yes, Ubuntu is a wonderful OS and in terms of functionality is perhaps better. I also agree with you on that it has a better support network. But, Puppy Linux is very small and convenient to use for the general users. It can be downloaded within a few minutes. Downloading Ubuntu will take some time. Thanks a lot for your comments and visit!

      • http://www.lifeinslums.info/ Mohammed Nafees

        Ubuntu is backed by a large company that seeks to provide compatibility with a wide variety of computer software and hardware. Puppy Linux is a much smaller effort based on the work of an online community. And therefore, it needs a large space.

        • http://akashtiwary.com/ Akash

          Thanks for your comments and visit. I accept your comments and observation. I also visited your website. You have designed a wonderful website. Wish you and your team all the best!

  • leftist

    Puppy LInux is really really fast no doubt. However as they clog it down with more and more functionality and bloatware, it will become as sluggish as a slug. Everything after 2 is bloated in my opinion. But it still is a really nice experience!!

  • san

    Hello akash, I’m using Puppy linux on my system and its superfast. I’m 100% agree with your post.