Dekh Tamasha Dekh still.

Dekh Tamasha Dekh: Good intentions, but disappointing experience

Feroz Abbas Khan was the reason I decided to watch Dekh Tamasha Dekh first, giving Two States a skip. The trailer was engaging and I liked the way the trailer did some plain-speak. Rave reviews from some of the well-known film critics also forced me to watch it first.I wish I had liked it because I know the intentions of the director and the writer, Shafaat Khan, are noble and they wanted to create a great social and political satire with the sole intention of shocking all of us with the stark realities of India.However, I was not impressed. The film fails in capturing your

Khushwant Singh: India's most famous agnostic.

Khushwant Singh’s demise bereaves India of its most articulate agnostic

I am not qualified enough to write an obituary to a person who had the guts to write his own epitaph quite a few years before his death. And I am not scholarly enough to comment on how he has enriched literature and journalism during his prolific active years. Many learned writers, journalists and artistes have written apt obituaries for this man of letters, who is no more now and who would no more write another book.I can only make a couple of confessions. One, that I have always tried to copy the simplicity of his language and I have always failed in doing so. I really would

aser report

Indian efforts in primary education sector are bearing fruits

The provisional Annual Status of Education Report (Rural) 2013 has been released recently. This report has brought some good news for those who are interested in knowing about the progress made in the education sector.And the most important is the conclusion that enrollment in the 6-14 age group continues to be very high and 96% of children in the country (rural areas) are going to schools.The figure for the urban areas are likely to be equal or even higher. It is a silver lining for the efforts being made in the education sector. These efforts, surely, will pay rich


Technology will transform news business beyond recognition

There is very little chance of printed newspapers and magazines being around after a few decades. With the rapid change in the technology, the mechanism of news delivery and the very format of news business are likely to evolve further.The day is not too far when printed newspapers and magazines would become a passe, while electronic mode of news delivery changes the face of entire news industry.The profession of disseminating news has changed a lot during the last decade. And it is likely to keep changing dramatically in the next decade.The rapid changes in the

A screenshot of

Microsoft attacks Google with

Scroogled, the latest Microsoft attack on Google Shopping, looks interesting. The world's best-known software company has launched a frontal attack on the world's top internet search company yet again. And though Google  has not come out with a measured response to Microsoft's latest volley yet, you should expect one very soon.I have always been fascinated by the spats between big warring companies. Reading about their war-of-words and their market and legal tactics gives you a scintillating experience. It feels as if you are watching a duel between Sachin Tendulkar and Bret

Dongri to Dubai book cover

Dongri to Dubai: A gripping narrative on crime and underworld

VERY RARELY have I come across topical books written by ex/present scribes that can boast of not having taken sides in the narration. Dongri to Dubai by celebrated journalist S. Hussain Zaidi is certainly his best work and will definitely reign the charts in the crime/reality genre.As can be garnered from the name, the book tracks one of the most infamous characters of our times, Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar.  The rise and rise of India's public enemy number one has been laid out over 28 chapters and about 400 pages.These are 400 pages of pure thrill. Any movie buff will


Optimism on manufacturing is infectious, but is it real?

It is nice to know that the leaders of manufacturing sector in India were upbeat about the prospects of manufacturing sector in the country in the Manufacturing Summit organized last Friday in Mumbai by CII.Most of the CEOs who participated in a study carried out by CII and Boston Consulting Group showed optimism about future of manufacturing in India. They did so despite the fact that the share of manufacturing sector in India's GDP has come down to 15.1 per cent, which is the lowest during the last decade and looks appalling compared to around 30 per cent of GDP share that


arvind kejriwal

Kejriwal’s change of faith is a big loss to atheism

Was the man of the moment, Arvind Kejriwal, a non-believer or an atheist, earlier? And has he suddenly turned into a believer?News reports in First Post and Times of India would have us believe

Joy of tribal dance.

Only celebration of difference can bring in real progress

A small news item in Prabhat Khabar caught my attention. I read it with keen interest. It relates to solemnization of formal marriage between two tribal girls in a small village in Godda district of


Javed Akhtar – a man who speaks truth in your face

I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon a transcript of Javed Akhtar's speech on spirituality delivered some eight years back, on February 26, 2005, at India Today's conclave. I was surprised

Famous Atheists

Time to graduate from secularism to atheism

Secularism is a great idea. It has served the world, and our country, well for a long period. It has ensured that we remained on a path of progress and harmony. It has kept us rooted to basic and

An image of PSLV rocket

Science, reason and rationality- time to go to basics

Does it surprise you that the ISRO chief feels the need to seek the divine blessing before a satellite launch? If you say 'no', you are not alone. And you may very well be living in a part of Asia,